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What is DominoQQ and is it easy to learn to play it?

DominoQQ has become one of the more popular games in many online casinos nowadays. If players are not Asian, however, or have not spent time in Asia, they may be unfamiliar with what the game is or how to play it.

If you have seen the game, thought it may be interesting and want to play it, here are a few things that can help you start to play armed with the same knowledge as any other player.

What is DominoQQ? — Knowing what DominoQQ is will help you understand why the game is played as it is, as well as why it is so popular with Indonesian players.

DominoQQ is a game that was invented in Indonesia. It is similar to poker but, instead of the playing cards all gamblers are used to playing with, Domino Qiu Qiu Online uses standard sets of dominoes. Each domino is used in the game except for the blank tiles.

These cannot be used as it is the spots on each domino that are used to determine winners and losers.

How is DominoQQ played? — The game is an easy one to learn, especially if you have played poker in the past.

When the game begins each player is dealt five dominoes. The number of players at a table can be two, three or four, so the dealing is completed quickly. Each player than looks at their dominoes and creates specific hands with them if they have the correct tiles.

When gameplay begins, it starts at a different person each time and moves around the table in a clockwise manner. As it becomes each person’s turn, just like when playing poker, they decide to raise, call, bet, fold or check.

The person who eventually wins the pot is the one with the best hand. Hands are similar to poker as well, with a couple of exceptions. If nobody at the table has a winning hand, the person holding the highest hand is the winner.

Where should you play DominoQQ? — As the popularity of DominoQQ has increased, online casinos are beginning to offer it as one of the games on their site. Those that have a large number of Indonesian players are adding even more DominoQQ rooms, as the ones they already have become busier.

Choosing a casino for gameplay usually boils down to the casino’s reputation and how many DominoQQ rooms it offers.

Some players will only play the dominoes game at a casino that gives new customers a free cash bonus when they register. This is a smart move as the cash bonus gives you additional money to play.

As several casinos currently offer cash bonuses, some players register with a few casinos and move backwards and forwards depending on what perks are being offered each week.

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