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So you wanna bet on cool sports?

Where did sports betting start?

Sports betting has been a worldwide pastime for thousands of years dating back to Ancient Greece where Athenians would make wagers on Olympic athletes according. This in turn spread to The Roman Empire where it was regulated and accepted into their laws. While the core fundamentals have remained unchanged, betting has evolved with our society over time to where it has become highly sophisticated. Many bettors from rookies to celebrities all the way to seasoned veterans are enamored with the thrill of winning big that they find the right sports to bet on.

When it comes to finding the right sport, one must also look for something they enjoy. A cool sport that will essentially become getting paid to watch the game they love. There are numerous sports that could be considered cool in the sense of its popularity and the fast paced action occurring in addition to the elite skills its athletes need in order to compete.


Pro Wrestling

A cool sports to bet on is professional wrestling, wrestling tycoon Vince McMahon coined the term “sports entertainment” it is still more or less an athletic event and wrestlers still perform athletic feats. There are numerous bookies who carry betting lines for it and it can be a fun and lucrative venture due to the ease of research. Like in many other sporting events, professional wrestling is easy to notice booking trends, wrestlers’ performance history and storyline context clues in order to determine who has the best chance of winning.



America’s pastime is one of the preferred sports to bet on due to the booking system going by a “money line” instead of a point spread like other sports. This makes it both easier to understand yet harder to win a bet on according to this link. Baseball’s intensity, strategic plays and unpredictable twists are why it has maintained its popularity for almost 150 years.


Mixed Martial Arts

Combat sports always have an air of unpredictability to them, especially Mixed Martial Arts or MMA for short. Even when taking the fighters’ win-loss ratio, fighting styles and habits into account, it is always anybody’s match. While sports betting is heavily rooted into research, there is still a thrill around the unknown and makes betting more exciting. Add in the coolness factor of the rising sport that dethroned Boxing’s reign in the most popular combat sport, and you have an incredible experience waiting for bettors whether at Vegas, the pay per view venue or the neighborhood sports bar. MMA also had a high luck factor as well when considering a lucky punch can be what determines winning hundreds to thousands of dollars in prize money.

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